Community support for refugees

6-months, Apeldoorn

Sustainability is not only about the environment and the economy. It’s also about taking care of each other, and standing up for a just society. That’s why we would like to offer 3 workplaces at our office here in Apeldoorn and support from our team for 6 months to refugees (of all nationalities) in the Netherlands, who are professionals in sustainability or in related fields.

What we’ll provide:

Alongside having a welcoming workspace in the innovative heart of Apeldoorn, the Zwitsal terrain, each person will be coupled with one of our Diepers (Benjamin, Nina, or Mara) to offer support in understanding Dutch work environment and to help in connecting with relevant networks here in the Netherlands.

The 6-months of support from our team will consist of:

  • “Buddy” system within Diep
    • Weekly check-in moment with your matched Dieper
    • Opportunities to shadow our process/way of working
    • Connections with a relevant network around sustainability issues in the Netherlands/broader [where possible]
  • Opportunity to join a weekly lunch with the Diep team
  • A welcoming workplace at PLEK Apeldoorn

In addition, we can arrange:

  • Necessary costs reimbursement (travel, etc.)
  • Bicycle
  • And more- we’re open to discussing additional arrangements!

We hope in this way to provide a stable and supportive place where important work related to the necessary transitions facing our society can continue, regardless of nationality or ethnic background.


If you or a friend/colleague/partner could benefit from this, and would like to hear more details, we would very much like to hear from you via email at We especially encourage BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ individuals to contact us, as we value a diverse work environment at Diep.